The unit was formed as a result of way forward in 2001 through the directives of the DCI.


  • Center for co-ordination of any complaints from members of the public
  • Crime verification –receiving and recording of crime reports and prepares and handles over the complaints to legal unit and DPP for perusal and advice.
  • Liaise with NPS and other stakeholders in crime prevention e.g. Whistle blowers
  • Making public complains concerning the conduct of Government officials on wrong doing against society or reporting of misconduct of officers within the National Police Service.
  • Investigate serious complaints.
  • Coordinate all investigations of public complaints done by RCIOs and CCIOs.
  • Foster and promote relationship with the broader society.
  • Comply with the constitutional standards of Human Rights.
  • Prevent corruption, promote and practice transparency and accountability.
  • Strive for the highest standards of professionalism and discipline among the officers.
  • Handover the complaints to legal unit and DPP for perusal and advice
  • Liaising with Internal Affair Unit, IPOA, the DPP on matters of complaint against police.
  • Any member of public may report at any time within the working hours at DCI’s officers.
  • Those not satisfied with the outcome of the cases at the station level may report at the DCI’s Complaints office.