This Branch is mandated to guide, coordinate and control the Directorate’s operations throughout the Republic in view of achieving the objectives, the vision and the mission. Operation matters were properly collected, collated and disseminated to other user sections/units.
The branch has two main Sections namely: -
 Field Services
 Special Crime Prevention Unit

 To receive, collate and analyze all crime reports countrywide and advice the CCIOs and the Headquarters Section Heads on matters of serious and escalating crimes.
 To advise on appropriate methods of fighting crimes.
 Dealing with operational correspondences minuted directly to the section by the Director.
 Analyzing daily crime and incident reports and coming up with specific preventive measures.
 Liaising with Counties on urgent operational matters.
 Handling complaints against police, general complaints by members of the public and Habeas corpus.
 Ensuring prompt and speedy submission of monthly nominal rolls and other general returns.
 Ensuring prompt and speedy response to Parliamentary questions.
 Processing, reviewing and analyzing postmortems on important police operations.
 Overseeing, reviewing and analyzing hotline services including switchboard and Operations Room management.
 Maintaining an up-to-date record of all pocket phones issued to Directorate staff.
 Perusal, analyzing and compiling the Directorate’s Annual Report.
 Handling any other assignment that may be given from time to time by the Director.

Field Services
This Directorate is headed by Director Operations.It has the following sub-units: -
 Operations Room/Radio Room
 Communications Unit
 Crime Data Centre
 Special Service Unit
 Anti-Counterfeit and Contrabands Goods Police Unit

Operations Room
 Monitor operations of Nairobi Area command.
 Handling matters reported through hotline in the Operations Room.
 Receiving signals from Counties and Sub-counties on all serious crimes and other incidents.
 Preparing highlights for the Director i.e. morning and evening briefs.
 Monitoring CCTV cameras.
 Receiving morning call-ups from regions/formations/DCI Offices.

Crime Data Centre
 Collecting and analyzing crime data for the Directorate countrywide.
 Development and management of crime database.
 Liaising with Criminal Intelligence Unit on crime analysis.
 Preparing monthly, Quarterly, Mid-year and Annual crime reports.
 Carrying out research on serious prevalent crimes committed within the Republic.
 Preparation and compilation of Annual report for the Directorate.

Special Service Unit falls within the Directorate of Criminal Investigation. The Unit was created in the year 1999 and was previously known as Special Crime Prevention Unit and adopted the new name in the year 2019.It was created due to the increase in unusual and peculiar crimes within the Republic of Kenya. It discharges its duties under the immediate supervision of the Director Operations DCI-Hqrs and on several occasions assist in areas where Crime is perceived to be on the rise within the Country.

Due to the progressive growth of Kenyan economy the unit deals with peculiar crimes, assist in cases of illegal trafficking of firearms/ammunitions, Trafficking Narcotic drugs, Robberies whereby firearms are used, cases of stealing of goods in transit, illegal Human Trafficking and any other duty that the Director Directorate of criminal investigations deems necessary for the Unit to prevent or investigate including care of our customers.

This unit is charged with the development, maintenance and acquisition of communication equipments for the Department.
 To develop and expand the communication system in the Directorate.
 Acquisition of equipments.
 Issuance of acquired equipments.
 Maintenance and installation of communication equipment.
 Maintenance and installation of electricity and electrical equipment.
 Lift maintenance.
 Maintenance and servicing of closed circuit television (CCTV).
 Power plant maintenance.
 Repair of faulty communication equipments and ensure their serviceability.
 Receiving and transmitting of messages done by radio room personnel and switchboard staff.
 Ensuring that the received messages are directed to various relevant sections of the department.

Important Tips :

-Make use of Hot lines to pass crucial information voluntarily criminal suspects in  their neighborhood for police action.
-Report any suspicious characters, activities or known criminals to police so that investigations can be done to source evidence.
-Use hot lines, individual mobile numbers and PABX lines.

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