How do land cases reach our office for investigations?

Land fraud cases are formally reported to the Public Complaints Office. The complainant is advised accordingly and if the complaint warrants investigations, the complainant is referred to the land fraud unit with a referral form. The Unit takes up the case appropriate cause of action.

What cases do we investigate?
Most of the offences generally fall under the following statues:-

  1. Penal code(cap. 63 laws of Kenya)e.g.-forcible detainer,forgery of Title to land.
  2. Law of Succession Act(Cap. 160 LOK)e.g.-taking possession,disposing off or otherwise meddling with any free property of a deceased person.
  3. Survey Act(Cap.299 Laws of Kenya)e.g.Unlawfully taking away ,possessing,removing,destroying,displacing or altering the position of any survey mark.
  4. Anti corruption and Economic Crimes Act No.3 of 2003 e.g.Abuse of office.
  5. Land Registration Act No. 3 of 2012 e.g.Fraudulent procuring the registration of any certificate of ownership, or any other document or instrument relating to the Land.
  6. Land Act No.6 of 2012 e.g.Unlawfully occupying public land.

Prevalent offences inveistigated and prosecuted by the Unit are :-

  1. Obtaining registration of land Title deed by false pretence.
  2. Forgey of Title deeds,Wills,power of Attorneys and other documents of Title to land.
  3. Forgery of stamp for purposes of revenue collection
  4. Forcible entry
  5. Uttering false documents
  6. Making a document without authority

Which Documents are prone for use in fraudulent transactions?

  1. Title Deeds and Share certificates from land buying companies
  2. Letters of allotment
  3. Sale agreements and transfer documents
  4. Stamp duty/revenue rubber stamps
  5. Wills and letters of administration
  6. Registrars stamps
  7. Certificate of incorporation of companies
  8. Parcel files/correspondence files at the ministry of lands i.e. parallel files being opened
  9. Beacon certificates

What is Forensic Investigations?
Forensic Investigation is the application of science in administration of justice in courts of Law.

What is a crime scene?
Crime scene is the place or point where crime takes place.

What is the difference between primary and secondary crime scene?
A primary Crime Scene is the initial place or point where a crime is committed while a secondary crime scene refers to any place where a piece of evidence related to primary scene can be found.

Why is crime scene investigation very important?
Because it affords an opportunity to detect and recover physical evidence, the evidence does not forget the silent witness.

Can you report a matter directly to scenes of crime?
Members of public should report any matter to the nearest police station upon when scenes of crime personnel will be engaged.