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Lets protect our children

Through online monitoring, analysis and investigations has noted an increase in digital threats to children during the current "stay-at-home" order due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Investigations have revealed several threats that include Cyber Bullying, Sexting, Sextual Extortion, Access to Pornography and Violent Content, Identity theft, Grooming among others.
DCI Detectives are working tirelessly to nab individuals or groups that are engaged in such violations and do hereby advise parents or guardians to reach out to their local DCI offices and file official reports incase of such incidents.
Pedophiles who are taking advantage of the isolation measures as an increased opportunity to contact children remotely to engage in their passion should be WARNED that THEY WILL BE ARRESTED.

DCI Anti– Human Trafficking & Child Protection Unit
Located at the SOUTH C DCI ACADEMY
P.O. BOX 30036 -00100 Nairobi
call116,112 Toll free

If you notice that your child or another child is a victim of any of the above risks, reach out to your local DCI offices, and file an official report.
Illegal and harmful content, including child sexual abuse material can be reported remotely to the National KE-CIRT/CC through
To learn more or make a report about online abuse, visit:

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations Unit(IFIU)

    Insurance Fraud Investigation unit (IFIU) was established in November 2011, it is a specialized unit under the umbrella of Directorate of Criminal Investigation. The Unit is mandated to:- investigate insurance fraud and related offences giving the Insurance Regulatory Authority directions on prosecutable cases and to enhance capacity in moderating threats of Insurance Fraud within the Insurance sector. Regulating, supervising and developing the insurance industry in Kenya. Protect the interests of policy holders, insurance beneficiaries and the general public.  This mandate is executed through a combination of legal and regulatory measures and is aimed at not only ensuring the industry stability and market confidence but also spurring growth with sanity.

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  • Core Values

    Professionalism: Each officer will demonstrate competency, courtesy, respect, appropriate work ethics, integrity, fairness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, accountability and honesty in their service delivery endeavours. Alliances and Partnerships: The Directorate will engage all relevant stakeholders and cooperate with both internal and external clients, upholding patriotism and yearning for continuous learning. Rule of law: There will be respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law and legality in all processes. Teamwork: All officers will demonstrate commitment to work, timeliness, loyalty and respect for gender and diversity. The core values can be summarised in mnemonic phrase: with ‘PART” being an acronym for the Directorate’s four core values. ” Play your PART

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  • Railways

    The FCIO Railways Nairobi office is situated along the main Railways terminal buildings opposite the Kenya Railways Police Station and housed within Formation premises next to the commandant Railways office. THE ROLES AND CORE FUNCTIONS OF DCI RAILWAYS FORMATION i. Collect and share criminal intelligence to safeguard Kenya Railways Corporation’s property and interest on stations, platforms, trains (commuter,  passenger and cargo), workshops and goods on transit.ii. Undertake investigation on crime against property or persons conveyed over the Railways and roads by the Kenya Railways Corporation throughout the Corporation areas of operation, including claims, complaints or irregularities in connection with conveyance of goods, passengers, missing goods and accidents on Railways.iii. Detect and prevent crimes, including terrorism and organized crimes within Kenya Railways Corporation jurisdiction.iv. Maintain law and order, apprehension of offenders at the Kenya Railways Corporation stations throughout the Republic.v. Protection of wild animals and their trophies in the parks.

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  • National Central Bureau(interpol)

    Interpol is a telegraphic code for the world largest criminal  police organization (I.C.P.O) with 190 member countries. It's headquarters is in Lyon, France. It was formulated in 1914 by 23 countries in Monaco. In 1923 it was formed. In 1946 it’s headquarters was transferred from Vienna to Paris. In 1989 the headquarters was transferred from Paris to it’s current         place - Lyon in France. The role of Interpol It’s to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Preventing and fighting crime through international police cooperation. INTERPOL’s  4 Core Functions Secured global police communications services Operational data Services and databases for police Operational police support services Police training and development

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Issuance of Certificates of Police Clearance

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations will be resuming issuance of Certificates of Police Clearance (Formerly Certificate of Good Conduct) effective tomorrow, Thursday 25th June, 2020.

However, we have come up with new guidelines to be observed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So far we have 37,751 pending applications which we intend to process expeditiously. In order to adhere to social distancing measures as advised by health experts, we shall be attending to 600 clients daily beginning from 7am to 4pm.

In this regard, we wish to advise all applicants who chose DCI Hqs for fingerprinting to log in to and book an appointment indicating the date and exact time that one will be attended to.

Note: Only those with appointments and who arrive at the designated time will be allowed past the gate .


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