1. Forensic analysis of office equipment generated documents i.e. Typewriters, Inkjet printer, laser printer, thermal printers, photocopies and dot matrix printers.
  2. Forensic analysis of plant printers and printer’s methods.
  3. Forensic analysis of counterfeit currencies.
  4. Forensic analysis of forged passport.
  5. Forensic analysis of forged traveler’s cheques.
  6. Forensic examination of forged Wills and Probates.
  7. Forensic analysis of credit cards.
  8. Forensic analysis of invisible writings
  9. Forensic examination of :-
    • Indentations
    • Alterations
    • Obliterations
    • Erasures
  10. Reconstructions/tear—line matching, shredded documents.
  11. Forensic ink and paper analysis.
  12. Advising field officers on the techniques of investigating cases involving documents.
  13. Giving expert opinion in courtrooms all over the country.

Our Role

  • Analyze any disputed written document, currency notes, Land documents, certificates and passports
  • Detect fraud and forgeries and prepare report
  • Analyze any disputed written document, currency notes, Land documents , certificates and passports

Message to public
When you feel that you have a fake document first report to the nearest police station and be advised where to take the documents for examination or
Write to the director of Directorate of Criminal Investigations and attach those documents.