The Anti - terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) is a unit within National Police Service mandated to mitigate terrorism related cases in the country.

It was formed in the year 2003 as a unit based at the Police headquarters to investigate all Terrorism matters.

This was after several terror attacks were experienced in the country for example U.S Embassy (1998) and the Kikambala (2002) terror attacks. The escalation of such events shifted the line of thought that terrorism is a European problem and or phenomenon.


  • To interdict terrorist activities within the country.
  • To investigate all terrorism related cases.
  • To lead other agencies at all scenes of terrorist related incidents.
  • To create profiles for suspected terrorists and keep an updated databank.
  • To share intelligence with other stakeholders.
  • To review and monitor security of vital installations and soft targets.
  • To sensitize the public.

Explosives can be hidden anywhere watch out