The unit under operations section of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. Its overall objective is to facilitate smooth running of communication through telephone calls i.e. land line, fax machines radio calls, and signals COMMUNICATION.

Facilitate communication at DCI Hqrs and counties by installing and maintaining communication equipment i.e. Radio Telephone,Radio sets, local service providers and the interment (on-line) done by qualified telecommunication/ICT technicians.

PABX LINES and hot lines at DCI Hqrs and counties for communication with the members of public
PABX- 020343321
Public Hot lines- 0538010531

  • Make use of Hot lines to pass crucial information voluntarily criminal suspects in their neighborhood for police action.
  • Report any suspicious characters, activities or known criminals to police so that investigations can be done to source evidence.
  • Use hot lines, individual mobile numbers and PABX lines.

Be assured that any information volunteered will be treated confidential and the volunteer will not be harassed, intimidated or Victimized.