This Division is responsible for overall administration and management of the support units at the CID.

Human Resource
  • Deployment of civilian staff 
  • Interpreting personnel policies and procedures 
  • Dealing with disciplinary cases for civilian staff
  • Processing annual staff appraisals for civilian staff
  • Counterchecking authenticity of payment of vouchers on claims pertaining to transfer / leave allowances
  • Preparing budgetary estimates on personnel emoluments
  • Maintaining of personnel records
  • Providing secretarial and communication services
Finance section
  • Collection, compilation and analysis of information on recurrent expenditure
  • Initiating proposals for reallocation on recurrent budget
  • Preparation in liaison with other departments / formations for short term funding
  • Attend to A.I.E queries on recurrent expenditure
  • Preparation of monthly expenditure returns
  • Responding to audit queries and related financial and management issues
  • Budget planning implementation and control
  • Monitoring and controlling expenditure in the department
  • Costing of projects and scheduling projects and scheduling projects and scheduling of expenditure within available financial resources 
  • Preparing of district allocation budget
  • Preparing monthly returns on expenditure, pending bills and A-in-A
  • Issuing of AIE


  • Ensuring adherence to financial legislation, regulation and procedures
  • Providing timely report for decision making
  • Preparing annual appropriation accounts and responding to audit queries
  • Maintaining books of accounts
  • Maintaining proper cash management
  • Supervising and controlling the requisitioning and issue of accountable documents
  • Preparing monthly expenditure returns
  • Issuing of AIE’s
  • Monitoring revenue collection
  • Processing payment vouchers

 Supply Chain Management

  • Preparing departmental yearly procurement plan
  • Preparing the agenda for ministerial tender committee
  • Certifying all relevant merchant vouchers
  • Countersigning LPO’s and LSO’s
  • Ensuring adherence to tendering and procurement regulations
  • Dealing with disposal of unserviceable, obsolete and surplus stores, equipment and vehicles
  • Managing stores
  • Management of office records and inventories
 Information Communication Technology 
  • Carrying out system analysis, design and programme specification
  • Advising on specification for IT equipment, emerging technologies and standards
  • Identifying and developing the department’s IT requirements
  • Reconstructing and maintaining the network topology
  • Implementing common application across the section
  • Formation technology resource development and training
  • Ensure integrity and security of the database 
  • Maintaining IT systems
  • Ensuring provision of internet and email services
 Internal Audit
  • Undertaking analysis, appraisals and recommending, effective utilization of resources
  • Providing information on the adequacy and effectiveness of the organizations system of internal financial controls
  • Authenticating the reliability and integrity of information and use of financial resources
  • Safeguarding of government assets